Hiding Money in a Divorce

Hide and seek is a favorite game with young kids. Finding that top secret spot in the backyard that no one can find was one of the greatest thrills of childhood. Sometimes adults like to play hide and seek with their money, especially when it’s time to pay up or split up. When dividing up assets during a divorce it can be tempting to hide or undervalue certain assets to avoid forking them over to the soon to be former spouse.

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Oklahoma Synthetic Drug Laws

Synthetic drugs were recently thrust into the spotlight when almost 30 people in Tulsa became extremely ill by overdosing on synthetic marijuana, or K2/spice. These synthetic drugs have taken the Oklahoma legal system for quite the ride, starting in 2008.

Seven years ago K2 and other synthetic drugs took the nation by storm. Using legal chemicals, cunning drug pushers found a way to manufacture synthetic drugs that delivered similar results to real drugs. Lawmakers were left scrambling to outlaw these chemicals, but drug makers kept finding new chemicals to use. Finally, in 2014 Oklahoma passed House Bill 2666 to ban more than 150 chemicals used to make synthetic drugs.

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Top Five Reasons to Use a Collaborative Divorce

Most people going through a divorce are vastly unaware of the options available to them. Thanks to the equally thrilling and dramatic divorce courts we all see on daytime TV, the common thought is that a courtroom battle is the only way to get a divorce.

This could not be further from the truth. A collaborative divorce bypasses the courtroom drama and the judge. Instead the lawyers representing each party will work together to find a resolution. There are plenty of reasons to use a collaborative divorce and here are the top five.

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Sealing Juvenile Records in Oklahoma

If your child has been convicted of a crime, one of the scariest parts of the process is thinking your child will have a black mark on their record that follows them around wherever they go. This one mistake could stop them from going to a good college or landing a respectable job. Thankfully sealing juvenile records in Oklahoma is a viable option.

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Oklahoma texting and driving laws

Texting while driving is like singing in the shower. No one wants to admit they actually do it and we all think we’re really good at it. According to a recent study 55 percent of young adults claim it’s easy to text while they drive.Oklahoma Texting and driving

Despite the overwhelming confidence of motorists, research has shown that drivers who text while driving are 23 times more likely to get in a wreck. The 1.3 million cell phone related crashes in 2011 validate this study.

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Options for Divorce

Divorce is rarely a pleasant process, and it can get extremely expensive. Oklahoma oil man Harold Hamm shelled out $995.5 million in his recent divorce. The most expensive divorce ever belongs to Dmitry and Elena Rybolovleva. A Swiss judge ordered Dmitry, a Russian oligarch, to pay Elena an astounding $4.5 billion.

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Why You Need a Tulsa Adoption Lawyer

Wanting to adopt is a noble and wholesome desire that many families feel every year. Sometimes this desire can be so overwhelming that parents want to rush the process in order to bring their new child home faster. This is understandable because the adoption process can become very tedious, but the process is tedious for a good reason.

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Williams Bought for $37 Million

In 1908 two brothers started a small construction company in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. It didn’t take long for those brothers to find a niche building cross-country pipelines.

By 1919 Miller and David Williams moved their company to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Williams, as the company would come to commonly be known, soon became an iconic Tulsa company. Williams would grow to become one of the largest employers of Tulsa with more than 1000 employees.

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Spousal support: what kind of information should be saved?

While not every divorce includes a provision for spousal support, when it does, it may be hotly contested by both sides. For example, either spouse in Oklahoma may dispute the award, claiming it is either too high or too low. Accordingly, a spouse may fail to correctly report their alimony payments (either receiving or paying) to the Internal Revenue Service when it comes to their income taxes. For all these reasons and more, it may make sense for each spouse to keep a paper trail regarding their spousal support payments.

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What happens at a guardianship hearing in Oklahoma?

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