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Judge reduces Deion Sanders’ child support payments

Child Support Payments

Many important issues can arise in connection to a divorce. One such issue is child support. Sometimes, disputes arise regarding child support.

Recently, a judge made a decision in a celebrity child support case. The case involves former NFL player Deion Sanders and his estranged wife. Sanders played football for several NFL teams and is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Sanders and his wife are currently in the process of getting divorced.

The couple has three children. Currently, Sanders has custody of the couple’s two sons and his wife has custody of the couple’s daughter.

The judge’s decision regarded a request Sanders had made. Previously, Sanders had been ordered to make child support payments of $10,550 a month to his wife. Sanders claimed that this amount was far higher than it should be and asked that the amount of his child support payments be reduced.

Last week, in a child support hearing, the judge decided to grant Sanders’ request and reduce the amount of his child support payments. Specifically, the amount of Sanders’ child support payments has been reduced to $5,500 a month.

One wonders what else will happen in regards to the issue of child support in the divorce between Sanders and his wife.

This case illustrates a couple of points that are worth noting. The first is that child support disputes sometimes arise between divorcing parents. The second is that such disputes sometimes end up coming before a court and being resolved through a court decision.