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Failure to pay child support lands man in jail

Child Support Failure

After a divorce or child custody battle, there are rules that those involved have to legally follow. Paying child support is not an option, and there are payment plans and other forms of help available for those individuals who are struggling to make these court-ordered payments.

Not delivering on child support payments not only hurts the child, but could also end up hurting the individual who failed to pay. Some people may not realize that like any other court-mandated payment, failure to pay child support has serious consequences and is punishable by law.

A Muskogee, Oklahoma, man is currently in jail for failing to pay child support. Just how much debt can be racked up in child support payments that it sends someone to jail? This man owes a total of $111,458.22 in back child support. The Muskogee County District Attorney reported this to be the highest amount owed in outstanding child support payments that he has ever seen in the county.

The man was arrested this month on a case that was first filed in 2004 by the unidentified state in which he owes more than $100,000 in back child support. He will remain in jail in Muskogee County until he is able to pay the pricey bond, or until a hearing involving the matter takes place.

Failure to pay child support has the potential to result in a felony charge and could even be accompanied by other fines. If you are unable to make your child support payments, contacting an attorney to aid you in the matter may be something to consider before it gets out of hand.