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Kim Kardashian is with baby but without divorce

It is safe to assume that most of our Tulsa readers are familiar with Kim Kardashian and her enormous celebrity status. It’s safe to assume that pretty much every person in the English-speaking world heard about Kardashian marrying NBA star Kris Humphries in 2011. Now, pregnant by her current boyfriend, rapper Kanye West, many people may not realize that her divorce from Humphries is actually not finalized.

What does the fact that she is still married to Humphries mean for baby KimYe? A little thing called “legal presumption” states that the husband of the woman carrying the unborn child is technically viewed as the father. Although she can, and likely will, put West’s name on the birth certificate when the child is born in June, Humphries is able to be legally viewed as the father if they are still married.

Reports indicate that the delay in the divorce is mostly in Kardashian’s court, as she is refusing to agree to the annulment that Humphries has filed for. Due to the speculations surrounding her commitment to their 72-day marriage, she fears that by agreeing to the annulment she will be admitting that the wedding was a sham put on for the television cameras.

In the eyes of the law, an annulment actually would admit to marriage fraud, which is what Humphries believes she committed. Kardashian was reportedly paid millions of dollars in endorsements through the publicity of the wedding, and would likely see huge repercussions if she admitted to fraud.

While this situation is messier than most divorces outside of Hollywood, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from it. One option the couple has to expedite their case would be to privately hire a retired judicial officer to handle this, but they would still have to come to an agreement regarding the annulment.