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Dating sites provide evidence for divorce cases

The internet has changed the way many people interact. The rise of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites have altered how we gain and lose friends, how we report on our daily events in our life, how parents and grandparents communicate with their children and how we network for jobs. They have also, to some extent, changed how we divorce.

And in some cases, use of the sites may have contributed to the divorce. Spouses may post items on Facebook that later are discovered by their spouse. Now, dating sites, like are receiving attention. A survey from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML) finds that more divorce attorneys are seeing cases where evidence in the divorce case is found on dating sites.

Even if a spouse was not cheating or engaged in an affair prior to commencing divorce proceedings, dating sites, like much of social media, are a potential minefield for people involved with a divorce.

The danger is that social media can be very long lived. If you post some statement or picture on Facebook or tweet something, whatever it is, it may be found long after you created it. Servers may hold material for years. If it is out there in cyberspace, it can be found.

People often misrepresent themselves on dating sites, and while it may be done innocently to enhance their image for potential dates, it may look very bad in court hearing involving child custody matter, to have the judge ask why your profile indicates you have no children.

During a divorce, the safest course may be to avoid all social media to prevent inadvertent mistakes from affecting your case.