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Archive for March 2013

Stressful divorce: It doesn’t have to be this way

In a divorce, the images are often of combative spouses fighting over every trivial detail of their former and future life. They use their attorneys as weapons to attack their “opponent” and return to court dozens of times. Sadly, this does happen. No one really benefits from these scorched earth divorces. But it does not…

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Where would divorce be without marriage?

In Oklahoma, we see many reasons for couples to obtain a divorce. Some are vague, like irreconcilable differences, and some are very specific, like incidents of domestic violence. But the divorces we handle all share one characteristic. They began with a marriage. And that means the ending of the relationship is governed by a very…

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A do-it-yourself divorce kit can cost you in the end

With a challenging economy, some Oklahomans may decide they should try to save money on their divorce. After all, they know their situation better than any judge does, all they need to do is sit down with a do-it-yourself divorce kit and make a few decisions and sign some paperwork. Why go to all the…

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The marital home and a divorce

A divorce, it is said, makes two households out of one. In any divorce where there is a house, as opposed to an apartment or rental property, a significant discussion should occur over what should be done with the family home. One generally cannot make a single home into two houses (painting a yellow line…

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