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A do-it-yourself divorce kit can cost you in the end

With a challenging economy, some Oklahomans may decide they should try to save money on their divorce. After all, they know their situation better than any judge does, all they need to do is sit down with a do-it-yourself divorce kit and make a few decisions and sign some paperwork. Why go to all the trouble and expense of hiring a family law attorney to assist with their divorce?

Because there is no “do over” in divorce law. While some aspects of a divorce settlement may be subject to modification, you must first have a significant or substantial change in your circumstance and you must then hire an attorney and “go to court.” This costs time, money and emotional strain.

While you may be able to change some elements of a child custody or support order, if you have made a mistake with your property settlement, you do not get a second chance. In most states, the only way you can change a property settlement is by showing the other party engaged in actual fraud.

And actual fraud is not the same as, “I didn’t understand.” This is why a family law attorney can be invaluable for assisting with your child custody or spousal support questions. When you are considering a divorce, there are many decisions you will need to make and you need to understand the consequences of those decisions.

Family law and divorce law is complex and the process is difficult enough without “procedural” mistakes hampering your life. A family law attorney is a professional who understands the process and can explain it to you, so you can make informed decisions about your future.