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Archive for April 2013

McCourt divorce settlement reopened amid allegations of fraud

During a divorce, you have to make many decisions concerning you future. You also have to examine much of your current state of financial affairs, develop a property settlement that you and your former spouse can agree to, and put together a child custody and support plan. This can seem overwhelming, but it is important…

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Economic decisions during a divorce

Everyone marries with the best intentions. You have children, buy a home and build a life together. Then, something happens, and things begin to fall apart. At some point, you realize you are going to get divorced. What do you do with the life you have now? Your divorce is the process of deconstructing your…

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Man escapes bigamy charges due to statue of limitations

When most people hear the word bigamy, they may think of plural families in Utah or strange religious cults. While that type of bigamy may make the headlines, there probably are more cases that are less newsworthy, but more common. Bigamy is simply being married to more than one person at the same time. Sometimes…

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Facebook and child support

A man in Milwaukee is facing felony charges for failure to support his child. While this may be unremarkable, what is remarkable is the way in which the district attorney’s office developed the charge. He failed to make his court ordered child support payments for three years, apparently never once paying the $150 a month…

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