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Archive for June 2013

Did you include air miles in your divorce?

During a divorce, next to child custody and child support issues, the property division can be the most difficult and contentious issue. Part of the problem, especially for long-term marriages, is that after so many years, it may be difficult to fully comprehend all of the stuff you have accumulated and figure out how to…

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Do child support laws need to be reformed?

Child support is almost always a contentious issue for parents during a divorce. Child support is designed to provide financial support for the children after a divorce and typically is paid to the custodial parent by the non-custodial parent. In Oklahoma, as with most states, child support is determined by a statutory formula created by…

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Why is Oklahoma’s divorce rate still high?

Nearly 15 years ago, Oklahoma had the second highest divorce rate in the country. When those figures were released, then Governor Frank Keating sought to reduce the number of divorces over the next decade. By the time U.S. Census data was released in 2009, a decade after Keating announced his plans, Oklahoma actually had the…

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Texting and Divorce

Cellphones have become immensely popular. They allow virtually instant communication between people, whether by voice or text, allow the sharing of photos and the more sophisticated ones permit access to practically anything that Google can find. Additionally, they are always with us, a constant companion, reminding us of appointments and allowing us to text, tweet…

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