Texting and Divorce

Tulsa Divorce attorneys have seen more and more information relating to their divorce, child support or child custody cases arriving in the form of electronic communications sent via a cellphone or smartphone. While it is their immediacy and the omnipresence that makes them so addictive, it is also what makes them so potentially dangerous during a divorce proceeding.

Out of San Antonio comes news that the executive administrator of the historic Alamo has been accused of “sexting,” the sending of explicit photographs of herself to a man from her cellphone. She is currently involved in a divorce and her husband has accused her of having an affair with this man.

He has requested an examination of a laptop computer and testimony from the man. This case illustrates the risks of using a computer or cellphone to send embarrassing messages or photos. With a phone especially, it is easy to snap a photo and hit “send” without fully thinking through the consequences of this action.

If you are considering a divorce, you may also want to consider avoiding cellphone texts, photos and social media in general, to avoid later problems that could compromise your case.