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Archive for July 2013

Jason Patric struggles to obtain parental rights with his son

A generation or two ago, many family law issues seemed less complex. While children were born out of wedlock, they tended to be infrequent, with most children having a married mother and father. Even for questions of paternity, a husband was presumed the father of a child and there was a blood test, if he…

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What do you mean you need a mortgage payment from me?

A divorce is such a personal and emotional situation for Oklahoma couples that it is sometimes easy to forgot that while a divorce settlement or agreement creates a binding and legally enforceable contract between the husband and wife, it is limited to those parties. You can sue your former spouse if they fail to abide…

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Fighting over finances could indicate divorce

When you think about the assets you have acquired throughout your life, what is most important to you? While you may have some heirlooms that have deep meaning to you, many people in Oklahoma would say that their money is most important. You have worked hard to save up, and as much as we might…

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When a parent moves out can be the hardest part of divorce

Few things can drive home the reality of divorce for children the way that one parent moving out of the family home does. Both parents and children may have anxieties regarding the move, and parents often worry about how the children will adapt to the change. Psychologists suggest that parents can take several steps to…

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Divorce early in a child’s life impacts relationship with parents

Many parents who are considering divorce worry about the effect that divorce will have on their children. They worry that their children will not adjust to life after divorce or that their children will not be able to handle the emotional upheaval that accompanies such a dramatic life change. New research suggests that the time…

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