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Fighting over finances could indicate divorce

When a couple decides to get married, usually they discuss finances to make sure they are on the same page. However, as you try to plan a wedding and talk about other important issues, some aspects of financial planning can get left by the wayside, leaving couples to learn after they are married that they don’t agree on something. A recent study, however, found that arguments about finances could predict rocky waters ahead.

The study, which analyzed data from approximately 4,500 couples, concluded that fighting over finances early in a relationship was one of the most prominent indicators of divorce. Researchers said arguments about money tended to last longer than other arguments. They added that, for some couples, arguments about money were indicative of bigger marital problems like trust or power issues.

While some couples are able to work out their disagreements, some Tulsa couples may find that their beliefs are too different for their marriage to continue working. In that case, it is important for both spouses to obtain a good understanding of the divorce process, so they can ensure a smooth split.