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When a parent moves out can be the hardest part of divorce

Few things can drive home the reality of divorce for children the way that one parent moving out of the family home does. Both parents and children may have anxieties regarding the move, and parents often worry about how the children will adapt to the change. Psychologists suggest that parents can take several steps to help make the moving out process go more smoothly and lessen the negative impact it has on children.

Experts suggest that one of the most important things parents can do to provide reassurance to children is to give the children adequate notice of when the move will occur, and provide as much detail as possible about the arrangements. When announcing the move date, parents should be prepared to answer questions about where the parent is moving, how frequently the children will see the moving parent and where the children will sleep when visiting the moving parent.

Parents can also provide continuity for children by encouraging children to bring personal belongings to store at the parent’s new place. Trying to get children excited about decorating a room in the new place may also help children be more comfortable with the move.

Even though the move will mean a lot of changes, parents should try to disrupt children’s schedules as little as possible. Kids may resent the changes if the move prevents them from making it to sports, activities, school events or friends houses.

The number one concern of parents considering divorce is often how it will affect their children. They may think they need to stay in unhappy marriages so their children will not suffer. However, in some cases divorce is the best option for a family. Children may feel unhappy in the short-term, but can ultimately be better off seeing their parents happier.

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