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Craigslist for divorce in Tulsa, OK?

So, what about Craigslist in Tulsa, OK. While this does not appear to have happened yet in Oklahoma, a TV station in Texas recently investigated a listing on Craigslist for divorce preparation. The ad indicates they can do paperwork preparation for a divorce at $65 for a couple without children and $95 if they have children.

It may seem an attractive deal for a divorce using Craigslist Tulsa, OK, but the old saying, you get what you pay for, comes to mind. The problem with a form being filled out by a person with no training in the law is that while in some abstract sense, the form may deal with aspects of your divorce, it is no more than a form.

If your situation is different from what the drafter of the form imagined, it won’t fit your circumstance. This could cause significant problems in the future. If your spouse hires an attorney and you are in court with your form, you could be in real trouble. His or her attorney could blindside you, and effectively use court procedure exclude your evidence, meaning your former spouse could control all the terms of your divorce.

Your divorce settlement is important for your future. If you have children, it will be in force for years. Attempting to repair a bad divorce settlement will cost far more than having it done correctly in the first instance.