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Archive for September 2013

Baby Veronica case continues with more litigation

Even with the return of “Baby Veronica” to the custody of her adoptive parents, the ongoing litigation has yet to reach an end. The most recent iteration in the long-running child custody battle moved back to South Carolina, after she was turned over in Oklahoma by her father, Dusten Brown to the adoptive couple, the…

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Better idea is to leave child support orders in place

In Oklahoma, if you are a parent, you owe your children a duty of support. Whether you have been married, divorced, have custody or are a noncustodial parent the obligation is the same. Because there are very few situations where you can escape that responsibility, it is important to make certain you can make your…

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Facebook and tweeting during a divorce

After you have filed your divorce papers in an Oklahoma court, you may on occasion, feel frustration with the process. Court hearings may be weeks or months in advance, and there are numerous actions your former spouse may take that you find annoying and provoking. If you have a social media page, like Facebook, you…

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Iverson asked to pay all child support in $1.2 million payment

For parents involved in a divorce in Oklahoma, few issues are of higher importance than the child support obligations that accompany the divorce decree. A divorce is a traumatic event financially for any family, because the family is made into two distinct households with essentially the same income. Child support payment are intended to ensure…

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