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Facebook and tweeting during a divorce

After you have filed your divorce papers in an Oklahoma court, you may on occasion, feel frustration with the process. Court hearings may be weeks or months in advance, and there are numerous actions your former spouse may take that you find annoying and provoking. If you have a social media page, like Facebook, you may instinctively turn to post your feelings and frustrations.

That may not be the greatest idea. In fact, during a divorce, using social media, like Facebook or Twitter may be a generally all around bad idea. When you are upset over the latest turn of events after a child support hearing and you feel the judge misunderstood your argument, you may not want to rush back and post your perspective on the judge’s intelligence.

Even if you employ the strictest privacy settings, you should assume that any information placed on the site would eventually be found out by the other side. An additional danger is that information sent electronically may be stored on servers somewhere and remain discoverable, no matter that you believe you have deleted it.

This means damaging or embarrassing words or photos could be uncovered long after you think they are gone. In discussing your case, you could also breach your attorney client privilege and allow the other side access to information that could compromise your case.

If you are unsure if you can control your social media habits, it may be best to cease updating your page during your divorce. While it may be difficult, it is better than inadvertently hurting yourself during your divorce proceedings.