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Archive for October 2013

Don’t throw your assets away in a divorce

People can become quite unhappy with their spouse during a divorce. Some feel betrayed, some wonder how they could have made such a poor choice, and many dislike the prospect of having to divide their marital assets, pay alimony and child support during an Oklahoma divorce. They can become very territorial regarding their assets and…

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Why do you want that divorce?

More things to think about when thinking about a divorce. There seems to be an endless supply of lists because there is a seemingly endless supply of divorces. For most people in Oklahoma, while they may be aware of certain aspects of divorce from speaking with friends and relatives who have been involved in a…

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Credit card spending: intentional omission cited in divorces

A number of our readers may watch the popular CBS television show “How I Met Your Mother,” a comedy that delves into friendships and relationships. Marshall and Lilly are presented as the couple that tells each other literally everything. One episode even portrays them asking about every little detail of their day, including what they…

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We should all be more adult when it comes to child support

Everybody hates child support. Or so it seems. Men paying child support hate it. Women who receive (or often do not receive) hate it. Even Oklahoma family court judges hate it. Well, they may not hate it, but they do not enjoy the process any more than anyone else does. Why? Probably for all the…

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Do not let your divorce drive you to bankruptcy

We know that for many of our Oklahoma clients, finances play a role in their divorce. Not simply that a great deal of their time will be spent figuring out how to divide their marital property or how to be able to afford their child support payments, but issues involving money can be very divisive…

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