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Don’t throw your assets away in a divorce

That can be the only explanation for the actions of a man in Colorado who did not want to share during his divorce with his spouse and so decided to throw away their assets. He claims he wanted to take all of their money out in cash and give away $100 bills to strangers. When he found out he couldn’t do that, he used the assets to buy gold.

What he did next hard is to believe. He claims he tossed the gold into a dumpster at the motel where he was staying. If true, then the 22 lbs of gold are now in a landfill with thousands of tons of garbage. If he really threw it away.

For the record, during a divorce neither party has a right to destroy assets unilaterally. Such behavior is frowned on by courts. Of course, this does not appear to be a disincentive for him, as he is already in the custody of the jail, due to a conviction for assault on his wife.

Divorce can be emotional for anyone, but we hope you speak with an attorney for some reasonable advice on how to deal with your marital assets, and avoid rash behavior such as this.