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Why do you want that divorce?

If you feel your marriage is failing and you are thinking about divorce, one suggestion is to think it over the “why” very carefully. Divorce will completely reorder your life in ways you may not fully appreciate today, and may only become apparent many years from now.

A divorce may be necessary. You may be in a situation where you have to get out and no amount of discussion or counseling will make things better or make you happy.

But “happy” is a vague standard and it is important that you examine your life and determine if your dissatisfaction is caused by physical or psychological abuse from your spouse, substance abuse or other addiction, or by something from inside yourself, such as dislike of your job carrying over to your family life.

Another area in need of close examination if you finances. One of the fundamental functions of a divorce is separate the finances of the couple. Before you speak with a divorce attorney, you should do your homework and determine, as much as possible, what your assets and debts are. Your attorney will need this information to put together a proposed property division.

Your attorney can help you, but the more you understand your finances, the better and more informed decisions you can make regarding your property division.


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