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Archive for November 2013

Own a business? Want alimony? Need an expert? How do you know?

When individuals tell a friend or family member that they plan to file for divorce, the first piece of advice is often “hire an attorney.” Having a divorce attorney’s eyes on your case as soon as possible is the best way to prepare for a divorce. Is this the only professional that should be on…

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Grandparents heading more families

Family law in Oklahoma, and elsewhere, has become more complex. This is due, to some extent, to changes in the basic family structure. The stereotypical family of the 1950’s, as typified by Ozzie and Harriet or Leave it to Beaver, has  changed to divorced families, single-parent families, same-sex couples and families headed by grandparents. This…

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An app to diffuse the explosive issue of child support

For most people a divorce is stressful and unsettling. They have to separate themselves from their soon-to-be-ex, creating a new household, and if they have children, figure out how they can work with their former spouse to raise their children. They have to go to an Oklahoma family court, deal with lawyers and judges and…

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