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An app to diffuse the explosive issue of child support

For most people a divorce is stressful and unsettling. They have to separate themselves from their soon-to-be-ex, creating a new household, and if they have children, figure out how they can work with their former spouse to raise their children. They have to go to an Oklahoma family court, deal with lawyers and judges and deal with their emotions.

They look forward to the final order from the court, granting the dissolution of their marriage and the beginning of their new life. But, of course, life is never as simple as that. With children comes child custody orders, child support payments and exchanging the children at the right time and the right place.

And, to make it worse, all of this goes on with your ex. This can cause continuing conflict and lead to seemingly never ending irritation of the wound that is the remnants of your relationship.

So would an app help? A startup business from California hopes so. They have developed a program called SupportPay that helps automate the process of paying and using child support.

Many conflicts develop due to misunderstandings and arguments over whether payments were made. It can make for a mess, and going to court and obtaining an enforcement order can be expensive.

The company hopes that the neutral presence created by the program that allows the tracking of payments and expenses, will help reduce conflict and provide a clear record, should questions arise over the payment history.

Lack of recordkeeping can allow issues to devolve down to “he said, she said,” which will only lead to an increasingly dysfunctional relationship. With a system like this in place, both sides can see where they stand financially with respect to their children. And that certainly is in the best interests of the children.