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Archive for December 2013

Presents present a problem after a divorce

When you are married, you take many things for granted. You have to stay late at the office or work some overtime? Your spouse can pick up the kids. The laundry seems to be done, and most nights, someone manages to get the kids fed before their next event. However, divorce alters that dynamic. You…

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Child custody and international laws can cause problems

As many parents here in Oklahoma will agree, child custody disputes are often the most contentious parts of a divorce. This is true for if both parents are living in the states but more so true for parents residing in different states. With some jurisdictions making decisions different from those made in other jurisdictions, it…

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Is divorce bad?

Divorce is typically seen as a bad thing. We do not know of any of our Oklahoma divorce clients who married with the intention of obtaining a divorce. We know divorce can have harmful psychological effects on children. Nevertheless, let us step back a moment, and examine what we mean when we say, “divorce is…

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Court will decide custody of Joey, but he isn’t a human child

It isn’t difficult to see why many people keep dogs as pets in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Coming home to an overly excited face and swooshing tail can lift one’s spirits on even the worst days. A dog’s love is unconditional — something that isn’t always true in human relationships. When a couple decides to end their…

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Nationwide child support payments show $14 billion deficit

Last month, the U.S. Census Bureau issued a report on child support payments. It found that only 62.7 percent of child support payments that are owed to custodial parents are actually paid. This means that there is a $14 billion dollar shortfall. We work with many of our Oklahoma clients who may have not have…

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