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Child custody and international laws can cause problems

As many parents here in Oklahoma will agree, child custody disputes are often the most contentious parts of a divorce. This is true for if both parents are living in the states but more so true for parents residing in different states.

With some jurisdictions making decisions different from those made in other jurisdictions, it becomes difficult for some parents to determine which law trumps the other.

But this situation can become that much more complicated and frustrated when international laws are thrown into the mix and you need genuine suggestion from “Owasso & Tulsa Child Custody Lawyers“.

Often times the court orders made here in the United States are ignored by other countries that do not have the same view of child custody as we do here. As a result, this can leave some parents without visitation or custody rights and a sense of injustice for years to come.

Take for example the case of a Marine veteran whose wife filed for divorce then left the country with the couple’s two children. Although the courts here in the United States have awarded the man visitation rights with his children, the country his ex-wife fled to does not have the same laws regarding child custody and has not pressed criminal charges against the woman for parental kidnapping.

His case is not the only one of injustice, explains a representative from the State Department, which is currently working on introducing bills that would lay the foundation for internal child custody laws and prevent such kidnapping cases from happening again in the future.

The major obstacle facing these bills however is the fact that many countries do not share the same beliefs on parental rights as we do. Coming to a consensus on this will be the first steps towards ensuring parents around the world have their rights honored and are allowed visitation with their children down the road.