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Presents present a problem after a divorce

When you are married, you take many things for granted. You have to stay late at the office or work some overtime? Your spouse can pick up the kids. The laundry seems to be done, and most nights, someone manages to get the kids fed before their next event. However, divorce alters that dynamic. You may not be able to stay late at work because there is no longer that “back up” to cover for you.

This time of year, with Christmas and all the other holidays, other issues can suddenly appear. Each parent in a divorce may want to demonstrate to their children how much they love them, sometimes leading to competition for the biggest, showiest present. Other problems may be even less expected; for instance, where are you going to store all of those gifts the children just received?

When you live in a large home with a garage or an attic, it may not matter, but may become an issue of one spouse is now living in an apartment after the divorce. They may have limited room and space for large boxes and multiple toys may simply not be available.

Your child custody agreement may not have spelled out where the gifts will reside, and even if it did, what if the children want the toys with them when they have an overnight or weekend with the non-custodial parent?

These issues can be solved, but they require consideration and planning. Done well, they can ensure the children have a good experience at both parents home, and prevent either parent from being buried with stuff or breaking the bank in senseless competition.