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Archive for January 2014

Will a waiting period reduce the divorce rate?

Family law is one of those areas where you can never be quite certain if you are witnessing a cause or an effect. Because when the law changes, everyone in Oklahoma is subject to the same law, and it’s difficult to see if difference is a result of the change in the law, or that…

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Sperm donor ruled "presumptive father"

This week, a Kansas court ruled that a man who provided sperm in order for a lesbian couple to conceive a child is the “presumptive father.” The man, who answered an ad on Craigslist for a sperm donor, had a contract with the lesbian couple that indicated he was a sperm donor only and renounced…

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What is the best child custody arrangement?

Child custody issues for a divorce here in Oklahoma can be a source of significant conflict for many parents. Divorce comes with many issues that cause stress, and child support and child custody questions present many problems. this problem can be complicated sometimes and you need good advice from Oklahoma Child Custody Lawyers. Because the amount…

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Spending too much time on the computer?

The use of computers for everything from Cyber-sex and obsessive updating of Facebook pages, to endless hours playing Worlds of Warcraft or other games is undeniable. The use of computer- or cellphone-related evidence in divorce cases is another trend that is undeniable. As we spend more time with computers and their tiny offspring, the smartphone,…

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Many children blame themselves for parent’s divorce

When you are in a failing relationship with your spouse, your emotions and concerns can become all-consuming. You may have a hard time dealing with many of the issues that will need your attention during your Oklahoma divorce. You will need to work with your attorney, and potentially other professionals, like accountants and tax attorneys,…

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