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Many children blame themselves for parent’s divorce

When you are in a failing relationship with your spouse, your emotions and concerns can become all-consuming. You may have a hard time dealing with many of the issues that will need your attention during your Oklahoma divorce.

You will need to work with your attorney, and potentially other professionals, like accountants and tax attorneys, to create your divorce agreement. Some of those issues will include your property division, spousal support, child custody and support matters.

In all of this, you may lose focus on your children. They seem to be doing fine, don’t they? According to one new survey that obtained opinions from parents and children experiencing a divorce, the kids may not be all right.

Many children blamed themselves for the divorce and a third were “devastated” by the divorce. The disconnect between parental perceptions and their children’s experience appears quite large, as 80 percent of parents describe their children as having “coped well” with the divorce, which compared to only one-third of the children making this assessment.

A large percentage of the children hid their feelings about the divorce from their parents. Twenty percent attempted to cope by turning to alcohol, and six percent considered suicide.

While divorce may be terribly hard one your emotional stability, if you have children, you have to provide additional emotional support, no matter how difficult it may be. Divorce can rattle any child’s life, leaving them feeling at fault or abandoned.

As a parent, you need to work to rebuild that sense of security and stability, no matter how complex the terms of your child custody agreement. You need to be certain the lines of communication remain open and they feel comfortable expressing their true concerns. You can contact Tulsa divorce lawyer for best solutions and suggestion.