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Spending too much time on the computer?

The use of computers for everything from Cyber-sex and obsessive updating of Facebook pages, to endless hours playing Worlds of Warcraft or other games is undeniable. The use of computer- or cellphone-related evidence in divorce cases is another trend that is undeniable.

As we spend more time with computers and their tiny offspring, the smartphone, more questions are raised as to what constitutes infidelity. Clearly, where cellphones facilitate activities like sexting and active communication between cheating spouses, they are tools that help the parties with their infidelity.

In this role, they are a double-edged sword, as the creation and sending of texts, voice mails and emails often leaves an indelible trail. During a divorce, they can allow a spurned spouse the ability to reconstruct many of the escapades of the unfaithful spouse.

Another danger with social media, computers and online gaming is the risk of the activity becoming so all consuming that the other spouse grows apart. Even if they are not related to sexual behavior, the enormous time that can be devoted to these near-endless games can leave a spouse feeling alienated and rejected.

In some cases, the time spent has been used as evidence of parents failing to properly care for their children. If a spouse spends excessive amounts of time on the computer playing games, it could affect child custody determinations in a divorce.

And, of course, online interaction on social media can blossom into relationships that may seem abstract and non-serious, but can develop into affairs that can threaten a marriage.

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