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Archive for February 2014

A prenuptial may save your marriage

Prenuptial agreements are a delicate subject. How does one approach the love of one’s life by requesting that they sign a document that will prevent them from obtaining some of your assets in a divorce? And maybe for a first marriage of a young couple with few assets, a prenuptial agreement may be unnecessary. But…

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Economic activity drives divorce rate and vice versa

The economy in the last few years has been hard on many people in Oklahoma. Many have endured loss of income from fewer hours at work or in the case of a job loss, no hours at work. Home values in Tulsa stagnated or fell, often leaving homeowners owing much more on their mortgage than…

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Do we really make divorce too easy?

A common complaint is that divorce is too easy. That seems something of an overstatement, given what many people who have gone through the process of obtaining a divorce recently seem to think of their experience. Nevertheless, a legislator in Kansas, like ours here in Oklahoma, believes divorce is too easy, and wants to remove…

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Divorce or marriage with tension-laden stress?

Last week, we mentioned a bill in the Oklahoma legislature that would impose a six-month waiting period for couples considering a divorce. The ostensible purpose would be to allow couples additional time to reconsider their divorce and perhaps reconcile. Mention was made that it benefits children for a couple to remain married. One question raised…

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