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Reduce stress in divorce through organization

When many think of divorce, they think of dividing assets and liabilities. Assets can often be found by using tax returns or statements for bank accounts or other financial holdings. In order to avoid leaving something out of the settlement, determining what, if any, assets that a couple owns that are not on a tax return can be important. Similarly, liabilities could also be discovered by using credit card bills and other statements for mortgages, car loans or other loans.

Issues such as child support and alimony are usually decided based on income. Tax returns for the past several years could help determine income from business ownership, jobs or investment returns and allow for those whose income varies to make a fair assessment of what future income may be. Expenses may be accounted for by reviewing bank statements and credit card bills. Reviewing these documents may also help someone better plan for their expenses after the divorce.

In addition to helping reduce the stress load, organization may allow those going through a divorce to focus on important issues like negotiating their settlements instead of hunting for documents. An attorney may be able to help those who wish to get organized prior to their divorce learn what other documents and information may be important to the process.


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