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Archive for April 2014

Maintaining a cordial divorce for the sake of the children

While usually a divorce is ultimately in the best interests of both spouses, negotiations and sometimes concessions may still need to be made. For couples in Oklahoma with children two of the major decisions that will need to be made are decisions regarding child custody and child support. There are ways, however, to make sure…

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What happens to the family pet when it comes to divorce?

Dog and cat owners in Oklahoma usually consider their pets to be treasured members of their family. So when a couple faces a divorce, they may not only be worried about property division, child custody and alimony issues. They may be left wondering what will happen to their beloved family pets. It is estimated that…

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Oklahoma doctor loses license due to child support debt

There are times when a parent finds they are unable to meet their child support obligations. However, continuing to fail to pay child support could have drastic consequences. Recently a doctor in Oklahoma has had his license to practice medicine revoked due to unpaid child support, and he must now notify his clients and hospitals…

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"Conscious uncoupling" versus divorce

As residents of Oklahoma may have heard, musician Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow are heading towards divorce. However, what readers may not have heard of is the unorthodox way in which they are referring to their separation: conscious uncoupling. What exactly does conscious uncoupling mean? For some it means a less hostile and more…

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Guardianship of actor Paul Walker’s child at issue

When one or both of a child’s parents die in Oklahoma, the issue of guardianship of the child may come up. When this happens it is important for everyone to understand their rights before such an important decision is made. In November of last year actor Paul Walker lost his life in a car crash.…

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