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"Conscious uncoupling" versus divorce

What exactly does conscious uncoupling mean? For some it means a less hostile and more collaborative way to handle a divorce. In addition, two doctors who had published an essay on conscious uncoupling maintain that the definition of a good marriage should be based not on the length of the marriage, but on how satisfactory and worthwhile the marriage is for each spouse.

According to some experts, conscious uncoupling separates each spouse as a single entity, rather than as a combined parental entity. By choosing co-parenting and respecting each other, it is hoped that children will be cared for in the best possible manner following the divorce. In the end, conscious uncoupling could be considered the choice to engage in an amicable, rather than contentious, relationship both during and after the divorce.

As this shows, for some couples, collaborative divorce is the preferred option when it comes to divorce. In the collaborative divorce process, couples will work with professionals such as mediators, attorneys and financial advisors to help them settle their divorce out-of-court.

The focus of collaborative divorce is on problem solving rather than a heated litigation battle. Negotiations could include decisions made regarding alimony, child support and custody and parenting time. It is possible to end the collaborative divorce process in favor of litigation, but should that occur after the collaborative divorce process has begun, each spouse will have to retain a different attorney.

As this shows, there are ways for spouses to approach the divorce process in a cooperative rather than combative manner. Doing so may be beneficial not only for each spouse, but for their children as well.