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Oklahoma doctor loses license due to child support debt

Recently a doctor in Oklahoma has had his license to practice medicine revoked due to unpaid child support, and he must now notify his clients and hospitals where he is employed that he will be unable to serve them due to unpaid child support. It is reported by the Department of Human Services that the doctor has arrearages in excess of $20,000. Should he become current in his child support obligations or create a payment plan, he may have his license reinstated.

Revocation of a professional license is just one repercussion those who fail to pay child support may face. They may also lose their driver’s license, have property seized, face wage garnishment or may have their tax returns withheld. All of this could make it difficult for the paying parent to live their daily life. However, it is often the children who are hurt the most when a parent fails to pay child support.

However, a parent who is unable to make timely and full payments may be able to seek either a temporary or permanent child support modification. Usually the parent seeking modification has to show a significant change of circumstances for a modification to be granted. It is important for such a modification be made in a timely matter, as child support arrears will continue to occur until the modification is granted. By doing so, an agreement can be reached that will ultimately be in the best interests of the child.