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Eliot Spitzer will pay out big due to divorce

In addition, as part of a postnuptial agreement the parties created, the former New York governor’s ex-wife will receive a $7.5 million payout. The couple also shared a home on Fifth Avenue, which his ex-wife will retain. Finally, Spitzer will be giving his ex-wife $100,000 annually for her to grant to charitable organizations. The couple has three adult daughters. In 1987, Spitzer and his ex-wife were married; in January 2014 they filed for divorce.

While this may seem like a lot of money, it is a situation many couples in high-asset divorces may face. Sometimes a couple has a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement that lays out the property division process should the couple later divorce. Having such an agreement may save a couple from engaging in a lengthy and acrimonious battle when it comes to dividing assets.

In addition, it is not unknown for a spouse to be awarded spousal support after a divorce. While in some cases these agreements will be permanent until the receiving spouse either remarries or dies, in other situations spousal support will be rehabilitative, lasting as long as it takes for the receiving party to become financially self-sufficient.

No matter what is decided when it comes to alimony and asset division, in many cases agreements can ultimately be settled out-of-court. No two divorces are alike, but there are ways to ensure each party is treated fairly.