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Archive for June 2014

One should take caution when moving out prior to divorce

When a couple in Oklahoma decides to separate many literally do so — one partner will often move out of the shared family home. However, is this a wise move to make? In some cases the answer may be no. Simply put, leaving the family home may in some circumstances amount to abandoning one’s family.…

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Marc Anthony’s child support obligations to rise significantly

As some Oklahoma residents may find, changing a child support order can be a complicated ordeal. This is especially true when each spouse does not agree to the change. That being said, in some circumstances a child support modification can be reached. Actor and musician Marc Anthony has been ordered to pay $26,000 a month…

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New law will require parents to take a course before divorce

Child custody issues are often on the forefront of any parent’s mind when it comes to divorce. Most parents want to help their children weather the divorce in as good a manner as possible. Yet some believe additional measures may need to be taken, for the sake of parents and children going through a divorce.…

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Ending a marriage? Why not celebrate with a ‘divorce party’?

While it is not unusual for couples in Oklahoma to spend thousands of dollars on an extravagant wedding, an interesting new concept following divorce seems to be gaining steam: divorce parties. Professionals such as attorneys, event planners, bakers and academics have noted a new trend known as “divorce parties” is on the rise. For example,…

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