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Ending a marriage? Why not celebrate with a ‘divorce party’?

Professionals such as attorneys, event planners, bakers and academics have noted a new trend known as “divorce parties” is on the rise. For example, a spouse may throw a party celebrating their divorce, complete with a reception, a dark yet light-hearted cake poking fun at the separation of the couple, music and toasts. In fact, one event planner has stated that one divorce party she was involved with cost approximately $25,000. In some cases both spouses may work together to throw a divorce party.

In the end, the celebration is not about the breakup of the marriage itself, but the freedom one experiences following a divorce. Divorce can be seen as a milestone, and it can be an amicable, rather than an acrimonious winner-takes-all, situation. In the end, some couples may feel that divorce parties bring a positive sense of closure to a significant part of a their life. After all, for many individuals divorce is no longer a thing to be ashamed of.

This is not to say that divorce is entirely unproblematic. Even the most cooperative of couples still face issues such as property division, child custody and support and spousal support. Each of these decisions takes careful consideration, and each party may need to make some concessions in the name of fairness. But by working together, couples may reach an out-of-court settlement that meets both of their needs.