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Archive for August 2014

In Oklahoma, guardians tasked with many different roles

Taking care of and raising a child is one of the most important, and most fulfilling, roles an Oklahoma parent can take on. Unfortunately, there are times when a child’s mother or father, either due to their deaths or their unfitness as parents, can no longer look after the best interests of the child. When…

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How do we make our Oklahoma divorce settlement official?

No matter how much animosity exists between a divorcing couple in Oklahoma, they may still wish to avoid a trial. After all, trials are a matter of public record, and many spouses may want to preserve their privacy when it comes to divorce. To do so, they may enter into a mutually agreed-upon out-of-court settlement…

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Oklahoma child support goes beyond basic necessities

When Oklahoma parents divorce, it is usually the case that one of them will be paying child support. While parents often dispute the amount of child support owed — some say it is too much, others say it is too little. Either way, there is no denying that child support is of vital importance to…

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