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Oklahoma child support goes beyond basic necessities

Some believe that child support should cover nothing more than the basic needs: food, housing and clothing. However, under Oklahoma Statutes section 43-118, child support can cover more than those basic needs. It can also cover transportation expenses, entertainment expenses and public education expenses. In addition, a medical support order that will cover health care will also be entered into, alongside a child support order. Moreover, child care costs may also be considered in some circumstances. All these expenses are important as part of a well-rounded childhood.

That being said, there are times when the unexpected happens. For example, a parent could become so ill that they are unable to work, or perhaps the parent has become unemployed for other reasons. Perhaps, there has been a change in the child’s day care needs. In these circumstances, a parent may seek to have the court modify the child support award. In general, a child support modification cannot be retroactive, so it is important to keep paying child support, even while the request for modification is pending.

As this shows, since either parent can bring a request for modification, a child support modification could increase or decrease the amount owed. Those with questions about what child support covers and how they can modify the amount paid, if necessary, can seek professional advice on how they can proceed.