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Archive for September 2014

What are some of the steps for getting a divorce in Oklahoma?

For some couples whose marriage has deteriorated, getting a divorce is in their best interests. However, there are certain requirements that must be met to make this happen. The following information is for general purposes only, and is not legal advice. Still, it should provide you with a better understanding of divorce in Oklahoma. First,…

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Airplane diverted due to child custody dispute

It is not unheard of for child custody battles to become acrimonious, particularly when both parents want sole custody of their child. In some cases, desperate parents in Oklahoma will resort to wrongfully taking their child to another state or even another nation in order to prevent their ex from having custody or visitation with…

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Alternatives to litigation in a divorce may bring peace

Even when emotions run high, it is not always advisable for a divorce to involve a heated courtroom battle between spouses. In fact, many spouses in Oklahoma wish to avoid such a situation altogether. This is when mediation and collaborative law could be two good roads to take. How does mediation work? Mediation involves a…

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Establishing paternity in Oklahoma

Many couples in Oklahoma look forward to the days when they will have children. They plan together and prepare for lives with their growing families. Their expectations of parenthood follow what many consider traditional lines of building families. This traditional manner of having kids as a couple is not, however, the only way that people…

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