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Alternatives to litigation in a divorce may bring peace

How does mediation work? Mediation involves a neutral third-party known as a mediator who helps facilitate discussions between spouses so that they can come to mutual decisions regarding property division, child custody, child support and other divorce legal issues. Oftentimes the outcome of mediation is a settlement that meets the needs of each spouse.

On the other hand, through collaborative law, each spouse’s attorney will work together, rather than as adversaries, to come to an agreement that satisfies both spouses. Other experts, such as financial experts, may also play a role in a collaborative divorce. Should the collaborative law process fail to produce a settlement, each party can still engage in traditional litigation, but they must do so with new representation. This gives both sides an incentive to reach an agreement that is acceptable to all.

Our law firm has experience both in mediation and collaborative law as well as litigating divorces. In the past we have helped many couples reach settlements in a timely fashion. This not only brings down the cost of a divorce much of the time, but it can also make what is an emotionally difficult time somewhat easier.

Our goal is to help you move forward with a fresh start after your divorce and to help clarify what is understandably a confusing time of life. To learn more about divorce options and alternatives to litigation, our firm’s divorce overview could help individuals going through a divorce. It could also help a spouse understand all their options and their rights in each legal route.