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Archive for October 2014

Oklahoma Supreme Court: Facebook message not legal notification

Social networking is all over the place these days and is usually a good way to share photos and keep in touch with people. However, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has ruled that the social networking website Facebook is not an acceptable means of legal notification. The couple at issue in the case were in a…

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How is DNA testing used to establish paternity in Oklahoma?

Children often benefit from having both their parents actively involved in their lives, offering financial and emotional support. Unmarried fathers may want to pursue their child custody or visitation rights. To do so, however, paternity of the child must be established. It is also necessary to establish paternity if an unmarried parent is seeking child…

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What should a parent’s moral conduct be post-divorce?

Sometimes, a divorce can be a complicated matter, especially when children are involved. If a divorce is bitter and contentious, parents in Oklahoma may use the children in a tug-of-war with their exes, which is never in the best interests of the child. In general, there are some guidelines, according to the Oklahoma Bar Association,…

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Is it legal to withhold child support in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma divorce brings with it many challenges, and there are many decisions that must be made. Specifically, when children are involved in the divorce, this means child custody and child support decisions must be decided upon. The following blog should help you understand more about child support and visitation, although it is not to be…

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Oil tycoon’s divorce highlights economics of property division

The divorce between Oklahoma billionaire and oil tycoon Harold Hamm and his wife is well underway and has been making headlines for numerous reasons. The couple’s worth is estimated to be around $17 billion or more, making their divorce one of the largest ever. There are, however, lessons to be learned that could apply to…

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