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Exploring the 12 grounds for divorce in Oklahoma

First, incompatibility can be grounds for divorce, and this may be a common one. However, there are other grounds for divorce as well. Abandonment for one year or more may be grounds for divorce. So can extreme cruelty or habitual drunkenness.

Adultery is also grounds for divorce in Oklahoma, as is impotency. Also, if a wife is made pregnant by a man who is not her husband during the course of the marriage, this can also be a grounds for divorce. Additional grounds for divorce include fraudulent contract and gross neglect of duty.

Imprisonment of one’s spouse due to a felony at the time the divorce petition was filed can be grounds for divorce. Also, obtaining a divorce decree somewhere other than Oklahoma that does not release the other party from the marriage in Oklahoma can be grounds for divorce. Finally, insanity under certain circumstances can be grounds for divorce.

Even though many residents will naturally select incompatibility as their grounds for divorce in Oklahoma, it may be helpful to speak with a family lawyer or Tulsa divorce Lawyer about other potential grounds. While no one goes into a marriage expecting it to end, it is sometimes in the best interests of both spouses to part ways.

However, important decisions regarding property division, spousal support and in some cases child custody and child support need to be made; these may be affected by one’s grounds for divorce in Oklahoma. Still, regardless of which option is most appropriate, former couples can make sure they follow all the necessary steps and understand all of their rights, in order to end their marriage as smoothly as possible.