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Football coach takes guardianship of orphaned student athlete

A high school football player who lost both his parents within three years went to live with his coach after a court awarded the coach and his family legal guardianship of the teenage boy. The father had died from ALS when the student was in his first year of high school. The coach had tried to help the student by providing a father figure for him. When his mother died, the student asked the coach if he could live with him and his family until he finished high school. During his senior year, the boy has been living with his coach as part of the family.

When there are children in a relationship, their care is first and foremost in the minds of the parents. When one or both parents are deceased or terminally ill, there are understandable worries as to what will happen to the minor children. It is often necessary to find a suitable family who will assume guardianship of the children and ensure their care. Appointed guardians provide a valuable service to give peace of mind to parents who are concerned about what will happen after they’re gone and who will be happy to care for the children in an effective and meaningful way.

When there are minor children who are or will be in need of appointed guardians, being prepared to take the necessary steps so everything is in place when the time is right is a key to the guardianship proceeding smoothly. To that end, speaking to a legal professional experienced with these circumstances can make the process as easy as possible and work as it is intended.