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Archive for March 2015

Mediation and collaboration: Oklahoma divorce alternatives

Does a divorce necessarily mean a heated emotional battle with each partner waging an acrimonious war against one another? Not always pop over here. Some couples in Oklahoma opt for mediation or collaborative law as an alternative to litigation in their divorce. Take, for example, mediation. Unlike litigation, mediation involves a neutral third party who…

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Completing a petition for guardianship in Oklahoma

When a person petitions to be the guardian of a child in Oklahoma, he or she needs to fill out specific forms. These forms can be filed out online or they can be filled out via traditional paperwork. There is certain information that one needs when filling out these forms. First of all, the court…

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What is the relationship between social media and divorce?

Social media is a deeply ingrained part of Oklahoma society. People all across Oklahoma post comments on Facebook, update their status on Twitter, share photos on Instagram and much more. These accounts can contain extremely personal information, and it is becoming more and more of an issue when it comes to divorce. Why is this…

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What is the role of Oklahoma Child Support Services?

Oklahoma Child Support Services falls under the umbrella of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Once a parent opens a case with OCSS, OCSS can perform a number of important roles. First of all, OCSS can help locate a parent who is obligated to pay child support. OCSS regularly consults local, state and federal resources…

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