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Completing a petition for guardianship in Oklahoma

First of all, the court must know in which county the petition is being filed. Also, if there is to be a co-guardian in one’s situation, that person’s name must be provided.

In addition, certain information about the child is necessary. The court will need the legal name of the child, including first name, middle name and surname. In addition, the petition for guardianship must contain the child’s Social Security number. Furthermore, the court will need to know the child’s date of birth.

Information also will need to be provided regarding the child’s residence. The court will need to know not only where the child currently resides, but also where the child has resided for the past five years. The court also will need to know who has resided with the child during that time. In addition, if the child belongs to a Native American tribe, this will need to be documented in the petition for guardianship.

Finally, the petition must contain information regarding the child’s biological parents. This includes each parent’s entire name and where each parent resides.

It is important to fill out a petition for guardianship accurately and completely. The role of a guardian is very important to the child’s physical, mental and emotional development. All children deserve to be properly cared for in a supportive environment. In some cases, the appointment of a guardian is necessary to ensure this happens.