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What is the relationship between social media and divorce?

First of all, in some cases accounts on social media platforms that were opened, while the couple was married are deemed to be marital property, and thus, are part of the divisible estate in the event of a divorce. This includes photos and posts, along with other information shared on these accounts. Couples can grant ownership of these accounts to one spouse or the other in their divorce settlement.

Second, at least one social media platform, Facebook, allows individuals to select a person who will handle the account after the account holder passes away. Many times, a person chooses their spouse to carry out this important role. However, after a divorce, they may want to select a different person who will have the account holder’s best interests in mind.

Third, it is important not to speak negatively about your ex-spouse on social media accounts, which can only make for a contentious divorce. In fact, some couples opt to create a clause stating that they will not speak negatively about one another during the course of the divorce, and in some cases, even beyond that. Moreover, it can be harmful to share too much information about one’s children through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts.

With the ever-growing rate of technology and a person’s ability to share personal information, divorce will inherently become more complex, especially when disputes arise. This post is not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Seeking help in a complex divorce may be a good idea.