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Archive for April 2015

Legal help can be sought for Oklahoma property division cases

Property and debt division can be a much-debated topic in any Oklahoma divorce. After all, one can become very attached to certain possessions, particularly those that hold sentimental value. In addition, neither spouse wants to be burdened with an unfair amount of the marital debts. Because of this, many Oklahomans seek legal help when it…

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The history of paternity tests: Blood typing

For unmarried couples in Oklahoma or for other couples who may question who the father of a child is, DNA testing is one way to scientifically answer that question. Many times these days a DNA test involves a swab of the cheek of the presumed father and the child to compare their DNA. However, in…

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Studies reveal common factors that lead to divorce

Each divorce in Oklahoma is unique and complex in its own manner. There are often many factors that lead a couple to decide that they are best off ending their marriage. The following are some major factors that studies have found have the potential to lead to divorce. One very common factor that may lead…

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What types of visitation time may be awarded in a divorce?

An important part of a child custody order is the visitation time that is awarded to the noncustodial parent in Oklahoma. Visitation, in some circumstances, may be awarded unless there are safety issues involving the noncustodial parent. These safety issues could include substance abuse, child abuse or other types of dangerous situations. In general, there…

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