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Legal help can be sought for Oklahoma property division cases

The types of marital debts and assets that may be divided in a divorce are varied. Of course, the family home can be one of the most valuable assets a couple owns together. But vehicles can also be divided, as can investments, business interests and retirement accounts. When it comes to debts, couples will have to decide who will be responsible for any loans that are unpaid, tax debts or credit card balances.

Oklahoma follows the laws of equitable division in the property division process. Per these laws, any marital property or debts are divided as fairly as possible between each spouse after a divorce singulair online. That being said, many spouses may ultimately feel like a fair decision was not reached. After all, some property may have a high sentimental value that is not reflected in its actual value. In addition, debts incurred while the couple was married may be the responsibility of both parties, regardless of whose name is on the debt.

The attorneys at Baysinger Henson Reimer & Cresswell PLLC know that property division is not always easy. However, with some cooperation by both parties, fair decisions can be reached. Readers who want to learn more about property division in Oklahoma may find the firm’s website to be a good resource.