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Studies reveal common factors that lead to divorce

One very common factor that may lead to divorce is the birth of a child. One study shows that 67 percent of married spouses find that for the first three years of their child’s life, their satisfaction with their marriage goes down. Taking care of a newborn can be challenging, causing further stress on a marriage that may already be under pressure.

Another factor that may lead to divorce is when one spouse suffers a major illness. According to one study, the divorce rate is about six percent higher for couples who must cope with a wife’s serious illness, such as cancer. Not only is taking care of a seriously ill spouse difficult, but it could also be expensive and lead each spouse to suffer a loss of identity.

A third factor that may lead to divorce is a new job or unemployment. According to one study, if a husband finds himself unemployed, this could lead to a divorce. Furthermore, a job loss leads to financial stress and additional responsibilities by one spouse or the other that could cause emotions to run high and culminate in a dispute.

A fourth factor that may lead to divorce comes up when a couple lives apart. This may be the case for military families. One study showed that the length of the service member’s deployment could affect a couple’s risk of divorce. Feelings of abandonment could have a negative effect on one’s marriage.

These are only a few factors that could lead to a divorce. Other factors, such as infidelity, becoming empty-nesters or going through a traumatic event could put a strain on a marriage that ultimately ends it. That being said, sometimes the end of a marriage is what is necessary for a person to move on from an unhappy relationship, allowing for personal growth after a difficult life event.