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What types of visitation time may be awarded in a divorce?

The first type of visitation typically occurs on the weekends. Usually, the child custody order will set a time for the visitation. For example, visitation may start on Friday and end when the weekend is over, such as on Sunday night or on Monday morning. Oftentimes, this type of visitation changes during the summer months when a different order goes into effect.

This brings us to summer visitation schedules. In the summer, the noncustodial parent often has a longer stretch of visitation time, perhaps for several weeks or months. This allows the child to spend more time with that parent while school is not in session.

Finally, there is holiday visitation. Most parents want to spend the holidays with their children, especially important ones like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holiday visitation also may take place over spring break and other holidays when school is not in session. Often, parents alternate holidays. For example, the child may spend Thanksgiving with one parent and then Christmas with the other parent. Otherwise, the child may spend Christmas with one parent one year and then spend Christmas with the other parent the following year.

Visitation periods are often in the best interests of the child, because they allow the child to continue to develop a positive emotional bond with each parent, even in the midst of a divorce. Nothing can replace a parent’s love in a child’s heart and it is this love that will help a child weather the changes that divorce brings.