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Archive for June 2015

Moving from married to single financially after divorce

It is no secret that many in Oklahoma find it cheaper to live together as a couple than to live singly. However, after a divorce, spouses must become financially independent. It is important in times like these for a spouse to make sure he or she has a good grasp on finances, along with other…

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What happens if a child’s safety is threatened in Oklahoma?

The events leading up to a divorce can be intense and volatile. In the worst of circumstances, sometimes one spouse will threaten to harm the other spouse or their children. Are there any remedies for parents who fear for the safety and well-being of the child due to their partner’s conduct? In Oklahoma, it is…

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Debt and divorce can go hand-in-hand in Oklahoma

It is an unfortunate fact that divorce and debt can go hand-in-hand. It is not unheard of for a spouse in Oklahoma to be surprised to learn during the divorce proceedings that the other spouse took out credit cards and other debts in the spouse’s name without the spouse’s agreement or even knowledge. Unfortunately, with…

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Focusing on children in Oklahoma child support cases

Child support is much more than a simple obligation to help with the basic costs it takes to raise a child. It is often the lifeline custodial parents need to provide the child with a well-rounded childhood. Therefore, when child support is not paid, it can have a profound effect on the child. In Oklahoma,…

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